pregnant cat

6 Expert Tips For Taking Care of a Pregnant Cat


pregnant cat

Seeing your cat ready to welcome her new kittens is always a joyful experience. Also, if you are a first-time cat owner, you may have several doubts regarding the well-being of a pregnant feline. Since, this is a phase where cats need extra care, comfort and love from their owners.

In this blog, you will see six highly useful strategies to ensure excellent general wellness in your pregnant cats. These tips will also help the newborn kittens to grow in a healthy and peaceful environment as well.

So let us get started,

  • Provide a Good Diet

Offering nutritious cat foods to your pregnant cats gives you a great head start in ensuring excellent wellness for them. Besides, the dietary requirements of a pregnant feline are different from those before pregnancy. When a cat is pregnant, she needs a starter cat food that fulfils all her dietary needs and is also ideal for the kittens as well. You can also consult your veterinarian who will suggest the optimal diet based on the individual requirements of your cats.

  • Set up a Safe Space

It is essential to find a safe and comfortable space for your pregnant cat so that they can deliver her kittens without any problem. You should set up this space way before the birth of her kittens. To create a birthing space for your cat, you can make a cardboard box and fill it with blankets or some old towels to make a safe and cosy space for them. Not to forget, create a space for them in a room that is silent and not visited by so many people.

  • Avoid Overfeeding

When your cat’s pregnancy advances, her abdomen will get bigger from the growth of her kittens. During this phase, she will feel more pressure on her stomach like never before, and won’t be able to eat much due to it. This is why you should avoid feeding her too much, or else she may become sick. It is best to give her a few smaller meals throughout the day instead of a couple of bigger meals. This will help her to eat in a balanced way without having to stuff too much.

  • Keep the Cat Well-Hydrated

Cats are known to be picky about drinking enough throughout the day. Yet, hydration is important for all cats, especially when they are pregnant. She needs to be well-hydrated to keep herself and her kittens healthy and strong. If you see that your cat is stubborn and is not drinking enough water, mix a little water into her dry cat food and see whether she is eating it. You can also consider providing gravy cat food or wet cat food to her, which is nutritious and also keeps her well-hydrated.

  • Minimise Household Stress

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, cats can get nervous or even aggressive. They can also show defensive behaviour in trying to protect themselves and their unborn kittens. All these factors make your cats stressed and anxious. This is why it is important to keep your pregnant cat in a quiet place, which has less chaos. If you have other pets inside your house, consider separating them for a while till they get along well.

  • Ensure Regular Vet Visit

The advice of a veterinarian is invaluable when your cat is pregnant. Once your vet confirms the cat’s pregnancy, have regular appointments with them as it will help you to assess your cat’s health and also obtain the probable delivery date. Regular vet check-ups are vital for addressing urgent conditions like flea or ear mice attacks.

In a Nutshell

These are six highly useful strategies you can consider for maintaining excellent well-being in your pregnant cat. Always ensure that your cat has a safe and cosy place where she can sleep and relax post-delivery. Also, provide clothes and blankets to keep the newborn kittens warm, as they tend to lose body heat frequently.

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