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25 Father's Day Gifts for Dog Dads in 2024 – Dogster – Dogster.com

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Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Dogster Team
As more than mere dog owners, pet parents take their jobs more seriously than anyone, giving their furry friends the guidance, care, and love they need to live the longest, happiest life possible. We think dedication like that deserves recognition! Show the dog dad in your life how much you appreciate their devotion with these 25 fun, thoughtful, and fitting dog-themed Father’s Day gifts.dogster face divider
Dog Dad Father’s Day Card new
Dogs are excellent communicators, but rarely can they articulate their deep feelings for their owner. Give your dad’s dog a helping hand with a Father’s Day card from pet to parent.
From cutting humor to sincere sentiments, there are dozens of ways to let dog dads know how much they mean to their four-legged friends.
Dog Dad Blanket new
What’s better than lounging with your pup after a long day of play and exercise? If the dog dad you know enjoys curling up on the couch for quality bonding time, help them stay cozy with a dog dad blanket.
Here’s the perfect gift to keep them warm and comfy while displaying their boundless love for their dog, whether at home, at work, or camping in the great outdoors.
The Dogfather T-Shirt new
A classic pun and dated references are foundations of dad humor, and you can tick off both boxes with a funny “The DogFather” t-shirt. Available in six sizes, this comfortable and lightweight tee is the right fit for any dog dad. It even has several variations to customize it to their specific breed.
“Sorry, the Dog Farted” Candle new
Dads always value a gift that is equal parts fun and practicality, making this fragrant candle an ideal present this Father’s Day. While it’s a humorous accessory any day of the week, dog dads will be grateful to have it on hand when their pets get a little gassy.
Pet Travel Bag new
Dads who go on trips with their dogs always look for more function and convenience in their gear. With this lightweight travel tote from Mobile Dog Gear, you can give your dog dad an all-in-one solution for their four-legged travel companion.
An ample interior space provides smart organization for pet accessories, while collapsible bowls and a placemat make feeding easy at any time.
Dog Dad Baseball Cap new
You can’t assemble the quintessential dad outfit without a bent-brim baseball cap. Top off your puppy parent with this washed adjustable dog lover hat. It’s lightweight and moisture-wicking, and it’s a thoughtful accessory for outdoorsy dads who like hiking, jogging, kayaking, and camping with their dogs.
Personalized Dog Dad Mug new
If the dog dad you know loves coffee as much as they love their pet, you can’t go wrong with this personalized dog dad mug. Holding up to 11 ounces of their favorite brew, this mug will be a daily reminder that their dogs always love and cherish them through good times and bad.
Portable Paw Cleaner new
Rainy days make for dirty paws. Dogs still need to go outside when the weather’s rough, ensuring a line of filthy footprints throughout the house if they don’t clean their legs at the door.
With this easy-to-use paw cleaner, you can make the process as quick and painless as possible for your dog dad and their pet, keeping their home clean even after a fun romp through muddy puddles.
Underwater Dogs Coffee Table Book new
A coffee table book of underwater dogs is delightfully kitschy decor and a surefire conversation starter when entertaining guests. Dog dads will love having this hilarious photo collection around whenever they need a good laugh.
Matching Dog and Owner Outfits new
Is your dog dad all about keeping their furry friend fashionable? A matching outfit will capture everyone’s attention the next time the pair hit the town. Find fun t-shirt prints to keep them cohesive during hot summer days, or gift a pair of these sweaters to help parents and their pets stay warm during their cool-weather walks.
Dog-Themed Pint Glass new
A novelty beer pint glass is an essential addition to the cabinet for any brew-loving dog dad. The high-quality glass adds class and character to every drink, with a simple graphic and humorous phrase showcasing a genuine appreciation for man’s best friend.
Dog Training Treat Pouch new
Dog dads with adolescent pups need convenient storage while they’re outside training their dogs. Keeping one hand on the leash makes it hard to grab treats, toys, and bags with the other unless they have a clever solution like this multi-purpose treat pouch.
Attached to a waistband or shoulder strap, this pouch keeps everything safe and accessible, including waste bags, keys, phones, and other essential items.
Rustic Dog Sign new
Dog dads want nothing more than to spend quality time with their pups, a sentiment you can capture in numerous ways with this rustic decor. The fun accessories can hang on the wall at home or sit proudly on the desk in the office, letting owners tell all who enter about the importance of the dog in their life.
Funny Dog Coasters new
Toilet humor never goes out of style. Add a dog-themed spin on a classic gag gift by giving these hilarious doggy drink coasters. Made from high-quality ceramic, they’re perfect for preventing pesky scratches and water stains while ensuring a good laugh every time they come out.
Soft Touch Leather Dog Collar
Since they have to wear it every day, dogs enjoy a well-fitting collar. When you can give a high-quality and attractive piece like this soft-touch leather collar, dog dads and their pets are almost guaranteed to love it.
The handcrafted design is long-lasting and comfortable. Its plush lining prevents chafing, and its full-grain leather exterior makes the manliest of fashion statements.
Dog Dad Whiskey Set new
A whiskey set is a stylish gift for any dad, and when it draws on their love of their dogs, it becomes all the more meaningful. Everything they need is here, including a “Best Dog Dad Ever” whiskey glass, ice clamps, chilling stones, a slate coaster, and recipe cards.
All pieces come in a stained wooden box, adding a finishing touch of handcrafted elegance to a high-value Father’s Day gift.
Dog Lover Golf Balls new
They may not improve your dog dad’s game, but these canine-themed golf balls will surely bring a smile to his face. The 12-pack of novelty balls features familiar canine faces that can look great on display in the house or add extra fun to his next round of golf.
Personalized Tumbler new
Staying hydrated is crucial, but pet parents aren’t always committed to it. With a customizable tumbler featuring your dog dad and their favorite pet, they’ll have all the more reason to keep their mugs on hand.
The stainless-steel, double-walled design is an all-purpose solution to keep drinks hot or cold, and you can personalize it with two pictures and text to add a meaningful message.
Dog Water Bottle new
Hydration is also crucial for dogs to play and adventure safely on warm summer days. But water bottles and bowls can be cumbersome and wasteful. With this all-in-one dog water bottle, you have a portable, convenient way to provide an active dog a drink at all times.
It’s compact and lightweight and an excellent accessory for the dog park, beach, and anywhere else your dog dad likes to take their pet.
Getting a dog subscription box is an exciting event for owners and their pets. Packages from services like BarkBox and Pooch Perks always keep you guessing, and they contain thematic collections of fun toys and treats.
Give a one-and-done box to introduce your dog dad to the idea, or order several boxes to give them something to look forward to every month.
Personalized Picture Frame new
A picture is worth a thousand words, so even if your dog dad doesn’t want to get mushy when talking about their dog, a photo in this personalized frame can say it all. With a rich brown leatherette design, it has all the masculine character to suit a picture of a man and their best friend.
Dog DNA Test Kit new
Why not help your dog dad and his pet get to know each other this Father’s Day? If you know someone with a recent rescue, a dog DNA kit can reveal the different breeds that went into making their newest family member.
It’s a great way to learn more about a dog’s personality and provide actionable insights into their health, setting dog dads up for a long and happy relationship.
Pizza Snuffle Mat new
Who doesn’t love pizza? A pie-themed snuffle mat is one toy any dog can agree on. Here’s a great way to offer the nose-driven enrichment they crave, providing a mentally and physically stimulating workout.
If the dog dad you know has never used one, they’ll love this effort-free way to keep their pups relaxed and content in the house.
Travel Dog Shower new
Avid outdoorsmen always appreciate a tool to make their adventures easier to manage. At the end of a long hike or day at the beach, a dog’s dirty legs and paws often need a thorough cleaning before they can hop into the car.
Hosing them off is the quickest solution, and with this handy travel shower, dog dads can quickly convert standard soda bottles into fast and effective cleaning tools.
Hammock Car Seat Cover new
A car cover that makes the ride comfy and protects the seats is a win-win for dog dads and their pets. Quilted water-resistant covers like this one from Frisco keep dogs from falling between the seats while stopping fur, drool, and dirt from mucking up the seats.
They’re easy to install and machine washable, which saves time when dog dads clean their cars.dogster face divider
How will you say “Happy Father’s Day” to the dog dad in your life? Whether you pick a practical tool, a silly gag gift, or a touching keepsake, anything highlighting their love for their pet is an excellent way to make their special day all the more memorable.
Featured Image Credit: Gorodenkoff, Shutterstock
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