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20-year-old opens dog grooming service named ‘Holly’s Halo Spaw’ – WBNG

OWEGO (WBNG) — A new dog grooming service has opened in Owego and its owner graduated from high school just last year.
Madeline Evans is only 20 years old and owns her very first business. After attending BOCES and a school in Oneonta, NY, learning how to give dogs proper grooming, she decided to open a grooming service of her own after saving up all of her money.
Her love for dogs pushed her to get started, but the name of her business, “Holly’s Halo Spaw,” has a very special meaning. It was named after her childhood dog.
“Holly did a lot for everyone in our family,” Evans said. “She was always the nicest dog, she was so sweet. Even though she was terrified of thunderstorms, she would literally run to someone just for comfort. When we were sad or anything she would comfort us, too.”
Holly was a blue-nosed Pitbull who unfortunately developed cancer in her heart and lungs and had to be put down not too long ago.
Evans said feeling lucky doesn’t even begin to describe what being a business owner at her age feels like.
“It feels awesome,” Evans said. “It’s really cool. When I meet my parent’s friends and they’re like ‘You own a business at your age?’”
Any dog breed is welcome at this “Spaw” and you can book an appointment through her Facebook or give her a call or text at 607-972-7548
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