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15 holiday gifts for the pet lover and four-legged friends in your life | Curated – Daily Hive

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Whether you’re a dog or cat parent — or have another pet that calls your humble abode home — we can all agree that our four-legged pals are just as much family as anyone else.
In that spirit, we’ve rounded up the best holiday gift ideas for your furry friends and the pet lovers in your life.
Bugatti’s Pet Carrier
From long-haul trips to quick visits to the vet and beyond, a quality pet carrier is something every dog or cat parent needs in its repertoire. Luggage brand Bugatti’s chic black Pet Carrier ($200) isn’t only a beautiful design; it’s also comfy and practical for your pal with a cozy bed bottom and breathable mesh to ensure proper air circulation while they’re out and about.
Pet Portraits can come in an array of designs
Custom images from Pet Portraits ($85) are having a moment on social media. These lovely pictures are crafted by real digital artists — not machines — to create a regal and lasting picture to have on display of your best buddy. The company also offers unlimited revisions and sends a preview link within five days to make sure you get what you want. It’s also a great gift for someone who’s lost a pet and wants to remember them fur-ever. Best of all, each Pet Portrait feeds five rescued animals, so you can feel extra good about this gift.
Burrow’s Nomad collection
You no longer need to worry about your dog or cat ruining the furniture. Burrow’s Nomad Collection is made with a synthetic fabric that resists both scratches and stains (from your pet, a clumsy adult or spilling kid). Even better, it can be cleaned with distilled water and some bleach. The brand’s modern and classic modular couches ($2,295+) and love seats ($1,795+) are all available in the Nomad fabric, along with its chairs and ottomans.
Natuur’s CBD Tinctures for pets
Keep your pets in tip-top shape with Natuur’s Pet Series tinctures. These CBD oils are all-natural with CBD isolate, 100% MCT oil, and flavouring devoid of artificial colours and flavours to help improve cognitive function and digestion, reduce inflammation, and also work to reduce pain and anxiety. Best of all, they’ll also feel like they’re getting a treat. For cats, there’s the Natuur Salmon CBD Tincture ($32), and for dogs, there’s the Natuur Bacon CBD Tincture ($32) — both easy adds to your pet feeding and treat routines.
Top Paw’s Faux Fur Snuggler Cave Dog Bed
PetSmart is a one-stop shop for all your pet needs, including all the toys your dogs could imagine! Joyhound’s Crazy Comfy Dog Toys ($12.99 to $14.99) line has plenty of adorable options, including a pink pig and our personal favourite: a pig dressed up as a cheetah. After a while, it’s also time to change over your dog’s bed, and our next one will be the Top Paw Faux Fur Snuggler Dog Bed (on sale for $35.99) with a built-in snuggly blanket for extra coziness. For extra convenience, PetSmart’s items are available via DoorDash, so they can be delivered right to your home on the same day.
The Halo Collar
Never lose your pet again, thanks to the brilliant Halo Collar. Co-founded by the Dog Whisperer himself, Cesar Milan, the collar uses GPS technology to create virtual boundaries for your dog to ensure you know their location — and most importantly, that they’re safe. The Halo is not a shock collar but uses other ways to communicate to your pet, such as a warning feedback beep when they near the “edge” of your programmed fence area, a vibration if the beep is ignored, and a static pulse (similar to being tapped on the shoulder) for emergency feedback. The collar also allows you to track your pet’s fitness and health thanks to data that will be displayed in a corresponding app.
Keep your pup nice and cozy with the Gilly Hicks Puffer Pet Jacket ($44.95). Designed to match the adult versions from the Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister Co. sister brand, this high quality coat features quilted channels, super soft fleece lining, and a hood. Comes in a light blue print or classic black so you can twin with your bestie!
Gilly Hicks’ puffer jacket for dogs.
The Geeni Smart Pet Feeder With Camera
Canadian Tire has all your pet needs covered. Make your life as a dog mom or dad easier with the Geeni Smart Pet Feeder with Camera ($199.99), which holds up to 7L of dry food. Your pet will love that this gadget records your voice, plays a message when food is dispensed, and shows you what they’re up to via a 1080p HD video on the corresponding app. The app also allows you to set how much food to dispense and when to feed them, so you don’t have to worry about rushing home, and your pet won’t be hungry.
Carabiner LED Light’s to attach to a pet’s collar
Lee Valley has plenty of practical gifts for your pet or a pet lover in your life. The NiteHowl LED Pet Neckband ($16.90) and Carabiner LED Light ($11.90, simply attach to a collar) are easy and affordable ways to make sure your dog stays visible on late-night walks — especially in areas that aren’t well-lit. The Set of three Tick Key Tick Removers ($21.95) is also a good item to have on standby for those annoying little pests.
Thrive Temperate Reptile Terrarium Essentials Kit
For the reptile lover. If you or your loved one’s lizard or other reptile looks like it needs a new home, there’s no better gift than a brand-new terrarium. PetSmart carries the Thrive Temperate Reptile Terrarium Essentials Kit ($299) with everything you need to make a comfy home environment, with slots for cord management, a built-in feeding door, and compressed coconut fibre to help maintain humidity.
OUAI’s Fur Bébé
OUAI has expanded its foray into the pet category. The popular haircare brand initially launched its Fur Bébé Pet Shampoo ($43.50) as a limited-edition product, but it had so much fanfare they kept it around. The gentle formula is vegan and paraben-free, guaranteed to leave your pet feeling and smelling fresh with a shiny coat. Available via Sephora Canada.
Tiffany & Co.’s pet bowls
A little luxury for your canine and feline bestie that also elevates your living space. Tiffany & Co.’s bone china collection includes its signature blue bowls for your pets, reading “cat.” and “dog.” ($220) — just in case they forgot what species they are. Designer-obsessed pet lovers can also take an upgrade with the brand’s blue leather Pet Collars with a silver logo detail, available in extra-small to extra-large ($420 to $565) with a matching leash ($530 to $595).
PawHut’s Cat Running Wheel
Keep your cat active with PawHut’s Cat Running Wheel ($331) from Home Depot Canada, an exercise treadmill with a brake and a carpeted runway. Your kitty will love blowing off steam in this device, which will also assist with weight loss if that’s an area of concern. The light wood and modern design also ensure this will be a stylish addition to your living space instead of an eyesore.
Top Paw’s Three-wheel Three-in-One Dog Stroller
For senior or injured dogs — or the times a leash won’t cut it. Keep your pet safe and relaxed in Top Paw’s Three Wheel Three-in-One Dog Stroller ($139.99) from PetSmart. We like the sleek all-black design, which is also practical with a breathable mesh carriage, retractable shade for easy exit and entry and a backseat booster. It’s also water-repellant and comes with a storage basket.
Tuft & Paw’s Stellar Cat Bed
Dare we dub this the coolest cat bed ever? The King or Queen of the house will get a full upgrade with Tuft Paw’s Stellar Cat Bed (US$299, ships to Canada), a breathable sphere that houses a faux-fur cushion bed. Kitty will also be treated to a slightly elevated living room view through the circular entrance but can quickly retreat to privacy for a doze. The inside cushion can be lightly vacuumed.
Mejuri’s pet tags
Take your dog or cat’s pet tag to the next level with Mejuri’s Pet Tags ($28 to $38). The Toronto-based jewellery company offers a heart shape, star or classic round letter in a combo of 24K-gold-plated stainless steel with black enamel, or for a simpler look, stainless steel or just the 24K-gold-plated steel. Engraving up to 25 characters.
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