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By Alex Hawkins | February 14, 2022
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Any dog owner who has trained their dog knows it can be frustrating. One of the best ways to get your dog to follow commands is to reward it with treats when it does something correctly.
Since training dogs requires giving them several treats in a short amount of time, you may be concerned with overfeeding them or making them sick. Thankfully, many dog treats are specifically designed for training. Dog training treats are typically small, easy to chew, low-calorie, and filled with nutritional elements that help younger dogs develop. With the right dog training treat, you won’t have to worry as much about spoiling their dinner.
To help you decide which dog training treat is perfect for your pup, we’ve rounded up our picks for the top 10 dog training treats.
These bacon-flavored dog training treats are sure to leave your pup wanting more. They have just three calories per treat and come in a pack of 500, so they can last through weeks of training sessions.
These bacon-flavored dog training treats are sure to leave your pup wanting more. They have just three calories per treat and come in a pack of 500, so they can last through weeks of training sessions.
In addition, these treats are healthy for your dog, containing real pork liver and a blend of valuable nutrients. They are small enough to fit in your pockets if you’re training on the go, and their soft, moist texture makes them easy for puppies to chew and swallow.
“I bought these for my previous service dog and she loved them. It was tradition that when she went into her kennel she got a few of these. That made her happy! Great for training too!—Liz E via Amazon
“My dogs all love these treats. They’re small, soft, and chewy and just the right size to be able to hand out several during a training session.” —cseim via Amazon
These soft treats are formulated with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which help your dog’s skin and coat health.
These natural treats don’t contain artificial preservatives or colors and are a small size for puppies and adult dogs. With a moist texture, these treats are also highly digestible.
“My dog is not very food motivated, but she gets SUPER excited when I pull these out. Makes trimming her nails a breeze. One treat for every paw we get done 🙂—Harry and the Hendersons via Amazon
“This is my dog’s treat reward for getting into the car after a session at the dog park. She loves them !
I no longer have to coax her to get in the car. She does it with enthusiasm for her treat.
—Kenneth via Amazon
These beef-flavored dog training treats are packed with protein and use natural deboned beef to help your dog build muscle and maintain a high energy level. They also utilize omega fatty acids to give your dog a shiny coat and healthy skin.
These treats contain no artificial preservatives or flavors and are made without wheat, soy, or corn ingredients. With a soft and chewy texture, they are easy on your pet’s jaw and teeth.
“These are good little treats for my dog when I want to encourage her to sit while I clip her nails. They are small enough to manage and she likes them.—K Anderson via Amazon
“Bought these to assist with training my young German Shepherd puppy. He absolutely loves the treats and they’re big enough to break into smaller pieces so they “last longer”. So far he’s had the chicken and beef and I just bought him the Salmon and Turducken to try. Highly recommend!—Antwane via Amazon
These treats are free from corn, wheat, and soy and include essential vitamins and minerals that are good for your pet. These treats also come in an easily resealable bag that helps maintain their freshness.
“We have all kinds of treats, but this one, everyone loves. And not just loves, but barks and jumps around, when I say, “that’s all!” (when we’re done). I think they’d eat the whole pkg of these in one sitting, if they could. lol They love many Zuke products, but this one rates the highest amongst our Yorkies.—MK via Amazon
“Soft and easy for my dog who had lost teeth. She loved them. I had a small plastic container in the car. They stayed fresh for months—Jean via Amazon
While some dog training treats work for both puppies and adult dogs, these soft treats are designed specifically for dogs less than one year old. They contain all-natural ingredients and omit meat by-products, corn, wheat, and dairy.
These treats are made with meat, fruits, and veggies to help your dog grow and develop. They’re soft and easy to bite and swallow for even the littlest pups. Furthermore, they contain DHA and omega-3 fatty acids, which help with dogs’ muscle and mind development. 
“My dogs love this treat . It’s soft for their teeth and perfect size for small dogs. Great for training 🙂 —Alena via Amazon
“Our 8 week old lab pup loves these treats. I completely attribute how well he’s doing potty training to the desire for one of these treats. I like that they’re soft and can be torn into smaller bites. A little goes a long way!—Christina via Amazon
These training treats are made with a single-ingredient formula that’s ideally suited for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities. In addition, these low-fat treats are high in protein and are freeze-dried, which helps create a unique, tasty flavor and enticing aroma for dogs. 
These training treats are small, making them easy for dogs to eat. You can purchase a small quantity or a sizeable 21-ounce tub that is ideal for training multiple dogs at once. 
“Bought these for training treats for two, very active, hard to train, adhd addled Staffies. These treats got and held their attention extremely well even my very treat picky little girl. They are still not going to win any doggie trick doing contests but at least I can get them to pay attention to the clicker. The treats are fantastic, the dogs are just nuts.”—Natalie via Amazon
“Found out about this treat when I took my dog for water therapy after busting his ACL. Found out all my dogs love this treat. Plus it’s healthy and full of protein. Dogs need meat. That’s what they were born to eat. These freeze-dried treats are the way to go, but they are a bit pricey. But it doesn’t have preservatives or other chemicals. That makes them the perfect treat.—NQuan via Amazon
At only 2.5 calories each, these treats have an enticing aroma that draws dogs in and are made with real beef and no artificial colors.
These dog treats come in a resealable bag that makes them easy to bring on-the-go if you’re training your dog outside or at the park. Furthermore, these treats are soft and tender, making them safe and easy for puppies to eat.
“Super great for potty training our puppy. He loves them. He even fakes that he went potty to try and get more lol!—Toni via Amazon
“My dogs love these training treats. I have small dogs and this works better for them than getting the regular pupperoni sticks and the end of the bag the treats still feel soft and fresh.” —Kim via Amazon
These treats are an excellent choice for pups with sensitive stomachs. They are made with real chicken and packed with protein. They contain ingredients such as peas, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas that are nutrient-dense and gentle on digestion. They include no grains, corn, wheat, or artificial flavors.
At around four calories each, these treats are also ideal for fast-growing dogs. They’re a good source of omega-fatty acids and flaxseed oil that both promote healthy skin and coats.
“My bullies love these. As soon as they hear the bag, they come running and start drooling. These have really helped me with training my dogs with commands and behavior changes. After one little morsel they’re licking their chops and ready for more commands. We’re all really happy with these.” —CG13 via Chewy
“My Goldendoodle absolutely loves these! She’s never been picky, but this one is her favorite! Warning: They are soft, moist, and will fall apart or crumble if placed in a pouch or pocket for too long.” —PickyNickname via Chewy
These dog treats have a unique pumpkin and berry flavor that stands out from other treats on the market. In addition to their impressive flavors, these treats have natural antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber that help improve your dog’s energy and overall nutrition. 
These treats are ideal for training at just three calories each. They are also free of artificial flavors and colors, wheat, corn, and soy. They also have a soft, chewable texture.
“These are amazing. Not only because they are low in calories but they smell great. Both of my dogs love eating them & they are not hard to bite. Definitely recommend them!—Laura via Amazon 
“My little chonk dog loves these. Needed something to train her without being too calorically heavy and these are perfect!—John via Amazon
Unlike many other treats for dog training, these treats are crunchy, giving dogs something to bite into as you teach them good behavior. This treat’s hard texture also helps keep your pup’s mouth and teeth clean.
As far as ingredients go, these treats have a chicken-first recipe that contains DHA, which helps with brain development. Additionally, they are a source of omega-3 and antioxidant-rich veggies, such as carrots and spinach.
“Got these as training treats for my puppers and she loves them. They are moist and stay as such pretty well in the resealable bag. My cats also have a love for these and come running for them even though they have their own treats —Love It via Amazon
“My pups love these! The only problem I’ve had is that they’re a little too big for training treats, which is what I needed. I’ve been breaking them in half or even fourths when training. If I give my dogs too many of them, it messes with their stomachs —Courtney via Amazon
When deciding which treats to get to train your dog, you should consider a few critical factors, including flavor, texture, size, and nutritional value.
If your dog doesn’t like the taste of the training treats, it will be tough to get it to follow any of your commands. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of flavored treats available. Some treats have chicken, beef, or fish flavors, while others taste like bacon, pepperoni, or even fruit. Whatever flavor your dog prefers, there’s likely a training treat out there to entice it.
Most dog treats are soft and chewy, so your puppy can easily bite into and digest them. However, some training treats are hard, which may be a better choice for older dogs with developed teeth. Hard treats are popular among some bigger dog breeds and also help keep their teeth and mouths clean as they chew them.
In addition to texture, the size of a treat will also determine how easy it is for a dog to eat. Small treats are best for training, as your dog can quickly eat them before moving to the following command. Furthermore, small treats allow you to give your dog several during a training session without feeling guilty, as they are typically lower in calories.
While the primary purpose of a dog training treat is to reward your dog for good behavior, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be nutritious. Many dog treats contain valuable nutrients that help dogs grow, such as proteins, DHA, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Avoid feeding your pup dog treats that use artificial flavors or are high in wheat, grain, or soy.
Overall, puppies are likely to enjoy any soft training treat that’s packed with flavor and nutrition, such as Zuke’s Mini Naturals Chicken Training Dog Treats. Merrick Power Bites Real Texas Beef Recipe is another healthy option that’s high in protein.
If your dog prefers hard and crunchy treats, you may want to consider the Wellness Crunchy Puppy Bites Grain-Free Dog Treats for training purposes.
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