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Puppy Cries For Her Mama After She Was Yanked Away And Given To Kids

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Panda, a tiny two-month-old Africanis mix, was handed to local children by a stranger to play with, without understanding her needs. Concerned for the well-being of such a young puppy separated from her mother, the mom of one of the children knew that she could not properly care for the puppy. Despite her best efforts to provide for Panda, she knew more specialized help was needed. She contacted Sidewalk Specials, the experts who swiftly stepped in to provide the essential care Panda lacked.

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First, the rescuers gave Panda a bottle to fill her hungry belly, then quickly arranged a vet visit for a health assessment. The veterinarian confirmed that Panda was severely malnourished and diagnosed with Biliary, a disease caused by parasites, requiring her to remain under close medical supervision to regain her strength and health.

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Panda’s situation underscores the importance of puppies staying with their mothers until at least eight weeks old. The presence of their mother not only helps them learn vital social skills and behaviors but also provides them with essential nutrients found in mother’s milk.

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These nutrients are crucial for developing a robust immune system. Furthermore, staying with their mother helps reduce stress and anxiety, providing the puppies with a sense of security essential for developing a stable temperament.

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Early separation from the mother can lead to behavioral issues such as aggression and anxiety and difficulties in socializing with humans or other dogs. It may also result in lifelong health problems.

Once Panda has recovered and grown stronger, she will need a loving, permanent home. Anyone willing to give Panda the nurturing environment she deserves is encouraged to reach out to Sidewalk Specials. This little survivor’s story is not just a call for a new home but a reminder of the care and conditions young puppies require to thrive.

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