Introduce Your Cat to a New Baby

How to Introduce Your Cat to a New Baby?

Introduce Your Cat to a New Baby

Although cats and babies generally get along well, there are chances that your furry friend may become confused when they see the babies for the first time. Remember, cats are territorial and jealous animals who need training to adjust to new conditions.

Fortunately, introducing your cat to your newborn baby need not be that problematic. In this blog post, you will see 7 expert-approved ways to introduce your cat to the newborn safely.

Here are those,

  • Prepare in Advance Before the Baby Arrives

As you are ready to welcome the bundle of joy, start preparing your cat as well. Of course, it can be a little difficult as you will be preparing for the newborn baby, but this little extra effort will reward you generously. As your cats will be exposed to new furniture, toys, sounds and smells, it is important to start the training early. The earlier you train them, the more time your cat will have to get used to them.

  • Familiarise Your Cats With Baby Sounds

One of the most important steps for introducing your cat to a newborn baby is to make the cat used to baby sounds. Many cats are sensitive to sounds, and therefore, unfamiliar sounds can disturb them or make them anxious. Also, newborn babies bring a lot of new and unfamiliar sounds, like crying and gurgling.

One of the ways you can familiarise your cats with baby sounds is by playing the recordings of them around your home. Start quietly and slowly, and then increase the volume as your cats get used to it.

  • Expose Your Cats to Baby Smells & Objects

By baby smell, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw baby nappies at the cats. Instead, try using some baby products on your skin, for example, soaps, shampoos, baby lotions etc. What it does is, it will help your cats to get used to these new products, along with your familiar safe smell as well.

Also cats like familiar objects around them, so try introducing new things like high chairs, buggies, cots etc gradually. Let your cat used to these things at their own pace, so that they don’t get confused and unsettled. If you start much earlier before your baby arrives, your cats will have accepted most new items in your house.

  • Ensure Your Cat is Fit, Cheerful & Healthy

Although it is suggested that you take your cat regularly to the vet, it is highly important when you are bringing a new baby home. Ensure that the cat is free from fleas and worms and if you think they are experiencing some sort of pain, you should get them tested by the vet. If you see them spraying or peeing in the house, it is a sign that they are anxious about the sudden changes in the home.

Maintain the same routine for feeding and playing with your cat before and after your baby arises. If you are to make any changes in their routine, do it well before your baby arrives.

  • Don’t Ignore Your Cat

There isn’t any doubt that when your bundle of joy arrives, the time you usually spend with your cat will drastically reduce. However, try giving some time to your cat too daily. Also, create a separate cosy space for your cat, preferably a comfortable bed after the baby has arrived. This is because there are chances of visitors in your house, and you don’t want to scare the cats.

Since you won’t be able to play much with the cat, you can keep them busy by offering them some engaging cat toys. Praise your cat often, especially when they are in the same room with the baby. This will let them associate the treats with behaving gently with the baby.

  • Don’t Mix Baby and Cat Toys

You’d be surprised to see how similar cat and baby toys are. This is why it is normal for cats to be seen playing with baby toys, thinking they are theirs. To avoid this scenario, place your baby’s toys and cat’s toys far away from each other. Also, consider keeping your baby’s toy out of your cat’s reach. Leave only a few of your cat’s toys lying around, and they should be kept out of your baby’s reach.

  • Maintain Good Hygiene

Everyone knows good hygiene is an essential part of child care. This is why it is important to wash your hands before you touch the baby, especially if one has been playing with the cat before. It is also to be noted that poor hygiene can affect your cat’s general wellness as well. Things like soiled nappies and dirty clothes can significantly disturb the cat.

Cats are highly sensitive to strong odour and foul smell can cause great distress in them. As a result, they may also start urinating to mark their territory.

In Short,

Taking care of your cat while attending to the newborn baby can seem like a daunting task. However, these 7 effective tips will help you to manage these two tasks easily. If you want to take a break, you can always ask your friends or family to keep an eye on your cat and your baby for a while.

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