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American Humane Deploys to Georgia in Wake of Devastating Tornadoes

When disaster strikes, American Humane is there to help animals in need. That statement has been true for more than 145 years, and it was this sentiment that motivated our animal first responders as the American Humane Rescue Team embarked on its first mission of 2023.

Multiple tornadoes, including a powerful EF3, displaced thousands of residents and their pets in Georgia on January 12th. Shortly after, American Humane deployed to the damaged area in Spalding County to assist in running a temporary emergency animal shelter for lost and displaced pets.

Working on the ground alongside local officials and other highly trained organizations, the team is also rescuing animals and providing relief to residents affected by the disaster. Our animal first responders will begin helping reunite people with their lost pets at a time when they need each other most, and American Humane will do everything in its power to provide hope and healing to this resilient community.

The Rescue Team is already hard at work assessing community needs and helping in any way it can. But you can also make a profound influence in the lives of these animals right now by donating to help American Humane continue its lifesaving work during times of severe crisis. Your donation will go directly to recovery efforts and make a tangible difference in the lives of these precious animals who need us now more than ever.

American Humane could not perform this transformational rescue work without support from people across the globe, and the Rescue Team will continue its mission to be “First To Serve” the beautiful creatures impacted by this devastation in the weeks to come.

To make a donation, and learn more about American Humane’s rescue efforts, please click the link here.

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