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5 Tips to Adopt a Cat That’s Purrfect for Your Home!

When it’s time to adopt a cat into your home, these five tips will help you find the perfect addition to your two- and four-legged family!

June was National Adopt-a-Cat Month, and if you’re still thinking about adding a four-legged member to your family, now is a great time to head to your local animal shelter or rescue! However, bringing a new cat into your home is a big responsibility. Luckily, knowing how to choose the right cat will help ensure you and your new pal become inseparable besties. Here are five tips to help you adopt a cat that’s a purrfect match for your home!

1. Talk to Staff About Temperament

Animal shelter staff assess every cat’s temperament. Cats can be affectionate, playful, calm, outgoing, relaxed, shy, reserved, and more. The staff can help pair you with the type of companion you’re looking for.

2. Visit Multiple Times Before You Adopt a Cat

Animal shelters can be stressful places for cats, so their personality might not always come through right away with new people. Visit on multiple occasions and spend as much time with your potential new fur baby to get to know them as best as possible before you make your decision.

3. Compare Your Lifestyle with the Cat’s Needs

Cats have different needs based on their age, temperament, past, medical history, current health status, and special needs. Some cats need more time, attention, and money, and it’s important to adopt a cat who matches what you can give.

4. Find an Animal Compatible with the Current Members of Your Household

Not all cats are good around kids, dogs, cats, or other companion animals. And vice versa, some cats love having another creature around to play and cuddle with. When choosing a shelter cat to bring into your family, you have to balance their needs with who’s already calling your house home.

5. Understand the Highlights and Challenges of Kittens, Adults, and Seniors

It’s not uncommon for people to visit an animal shelter with the hopes of adopting a puppy or kitten. And while it’s true that young animals are adorable and energetic, they also require more time and effort in training and socialization.

By contrast, adults and seniors likely won’t require training or socialization, but they may have special needs. There’s also something very special about giving an older cat another chance at finding a loving forever home.

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